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Customized services for your unique needs.

Our services are aimed towards fostering self-understanding and acceptance. A lot of people that are battling mental health and behavioral health issues are afraid to speak about their problems. But with an environment that encourages openness, we do our best to help our clients feel confident to express themselves, because only then can we truly give them the help that they need. In making decisions about their treatment, we also make sure that their overall needs are considered and that they play an active role in their treatment.

The Center For Behavioral Health is a non-medical facility. Thus, our approach is mainly non-medical. However, we know that not all behavioral problems can be solely addressed by therapy or counseling. Thus, we also work with psychiatrists and pediatricians and recommend their assistance when it is needed.

We provide the following services:

On your first visit with us, we suggest that you bring with you a filled-out copy of our forms. You can download them here. For more inquiries, please send us a message or reach out to us through our given contact information.