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Supporting couples in having meaningful discussions about their relationship.

young couple going through therapy and listening to the therapistMarried couples, though often considered halves of a whole, are still individuals who differ in opinions and views in life. They are bound to have disagreements in making decisions. Though most of these issues can be resolved by discussing their problems, some couples may find their issues overwhelming that they may have difficulties in making a compromise. This can mar their communication and their relationship.

In times like this, couples need the help of a professional who can be objective and help them find the root of their misunderstandings and other issues. With the help of a marital therapist, they can actively talk about the different aspects of their marriage and be given guidance and activities that they can try to promote better marital communication.

Couple or marital therapy includes the following:

Individual Marital Therapy
Both partners go to the same or different therapists separately.

Conjoint Marital Therapy
Both partners go together to see a therapist. This is the most common method.

Group Therapy
Several couples meet with one or two therapists.

We understand that not all problems in marriages can be solved. There are factors that leave couples no choice but to separate or get divorced. However, it is also important that they deal with their issues, especially for couples who have children, who may share custody for their children. They can also meet with a divorce counselor to deal with the divorce and make decisions in a civil manner.

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