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Guiding you in forming personal career development strategies.

adult female talking to each otherAt The Center For Behavioral Health, we can help you determine your potentials, interests, and skills and match them with a career that fits you. Career coaches can also help you make informed decisions about the career path you are going to take and determine goals that will guide you in forming a plan. These professionals will help you consider factors that make you consider a career or job; like career passion and satisfaction, as well as stability and salary. While they can provide you with advice and tips about your career, it is important to remember that you make the final decisions or if you are going to heed their advice. Coaching will not work for you unless you do. It is a collaborative effort between the client and the coach. Thus, it is important that you do your best during your interviews and be clear and specific on informing your coach about what you really want to do.

For this service, we can provide you with the following:

  • Assessment
  • Decision-making
  • Planning / goal setting
  • Industry research
  • Job search strategizing and implementation
  • Problem-solving
  • Resume writing
  • Interview prep
  • Salary negotiations
  • Balancing work and family

We also provide Executive coaching to help individuals be more prepared to cope with bigger responsibilities in the company and to learn ways on how to be an effective leader. For more inquiries, please send us a message or reach out to us through our given contact information.